Cookie Scottorn Ceramics


Cookie Scottorn is a Ceramic artist, making planters and sculptures.  All pieces are individual, please contact Cookie if you are interested in a particular piece or wish to discuss a commission.

A friend sent me this photo t(hank you catherine) of the @tinyartandcraftgallery window in @henleyonthames it is tiny but has the most beautiful paintings and artwork really worth a visit #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #clay #headplanters #porcelainbirds

Taking photos of swift’s is like taking photos of dolphins, you can see them but the camera can’t!! But I am so happy we have swift’s this year, if you can have a favourite bird this is mine, especially when they fly screaming in groups. They make me think of spitfire pilots! #swifts #badphotos #joy #blueskys #ceramics #ceramicsculpture

I am at Roskilly’s stewarding at the#bowjigallery with #sallytullyceramics. Lovely place despite the mizzle, come and visit and enjoy the wonderful crafts on display and the ice cream. #ceramics #roskillysofficial #roskillysicecream #crafts

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by all the amazing talent on Instagram? It’s lovely to see such beautiful things but in moments of doubt that I think we all have it can be a struggle. So I am making more dragons for strength! This how I start them to give a strong base to build from. #dragons #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #doubt #crankclay #throwing

Small dragons! Working on a couple of commissions this one needs to fit in my small kiln so I have to keep an eye on the height. Don’t get carried away!
#ceramicsculpture #dragons #kilns #pottery

Bernard is very pleased the sun has come out at last! Wind is still quite sharp but definitely an improvement on yesterday. I am hoping some of the large pots will start to dry now #pottery #potterycat #sunshine #wenfordbridgepottery #dryingpots

Turning a large bird bath ready for the collar to go on. I have to put plastic up when using the large bat to try and control the turnings, otherwise they end up in inaccessible places!
#crankclay #pots #turningpots #birdbaths #leachwheel

Just back from Lundy Island what a magical place including the force 10 gale on Thursday. Even with three of us holding on to each other we could hardly stand up. But the other days were fine and the coastline is amazing. I now need to get down to work! #lundyisland #sea #weather #gales #holiday #ceramicinspiration

I am off for a week from early tomorrow morning, going to Lundy Island. No phone signal and limited broadband but lots of wildlife and views. #lundyisland #barnowls #holiday #seaviews #rest

Large birdbath, this about the limit of my kiln and ability to throw large bowls. No I didn’t throw it on the kick wheel my body is struggling enough without finishing it off completely! I have had no Broadband and then when it was put in I struggled to reformat the WiFi mesh boxes. It is currently working but is a work in progress. So at least I got on and threw some large pots just to combat the frustration of technology. But my back is now complaining, not enough warm ups but still good to be throwing again #birdbaths #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #kickwheels #crankclay #technology

New website is now live, there are a couple of glitches to sort but I am very pleased with it. There is a page of available work so if you are interested just contact me. I can courier in the UK and for very large pieces I might be able to deliver depending on location. Thank you Dan @SCL #website #cookiescottornceramics #ceramics #clay #ceramicsculpture

Large head and torso is finished with the stand inside to hold the head. She just needs ratings and a bird in the hand! #ceramicsculpture #crankclay #godessess #birds #twopartsculpture

I have at last made nee rolling cloths for my slab roller. The original ones shrank when I washed them and although they still work I need to roll a couple of larger slabs so these are wider. I thought it was going to be an easy job …. but my thread kept on breaking, I tried everything, new needle, different tension etc but it turned out to be old thread, there I was thinking I was saving the planet by using up old stuff and I was just using more electricity never mind STRESS. So lesson learnt, only use my grandmothers thread for hand sewing!! So now down to some work #slabroller #cotton #thread #clay

I am open, it seems quite strange but so lovely to see people, I have just sold out of mugs so guess that’s what I am making next! I am down at @bowjigallery Thursday and Friday this week stewarding, really worth a visit some lovely work. I will be open tomorrow and then Saturday. #opening #ceramics #clay #mugs #ceramicsculpture #comevisit

I have been working on commissions, so just started on some stock pieces, I was going to do swallows as we are expecting them to arrive any day, but I got highjacked by a group of long tailed tits coming to the feeder outside my window #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #headplanters #longtailedtits #crankclay #pottery

Landscape in all its natural glory and especially the magic of Cornwall is my constant inspiration.

My work is also inspired by stories, poetry, myths and legends from around the world. Additional influences include the faces of Modigliani, heads of Egyptian tombs, and Buddhist headdresses.

The sculptural heads and planters are designed to work in the natural environment to enhance any path, patio or garden space.

My work is exhibited at my studio, various galleries and art fairs around the UK. You are welcome to pop in at any time or look at my website and Facebook page to see my up and coming pieces.

I do commissions and bespoke personalised works of art for special occasions such as wedding gifts, birthdays or anniversaries.

My studio, The Potter’s Barn at Wenford Bridge Pottery near St Breward is open to visitors. Please phone or email before coming so we can be in to welcome you. There is also the wonderful Snail’s Pace Café opposite the pottery so you can have coffee, cakes or lunch and even hire a bike to cycle along the Camel trail. There is ample parking the Pottery.

For more, get in touch or view my available work.