Cookie Scottorn Ceramics


Cookie Scottorn is a Ceramic artist, making planters and sculptures.  All pieces are individual, please contact Cookie if you are interested in a particular piece or wish to discuss a commission.

#chrissiefreeth your tapestry exhibition exhibition @riponcathedral is amazing. I finally felt well enough to make the journey North, to visit my brother in Derbyshire and visit Ripon for the exhibition. Very inspiring, I now really want to try tapestry weaving, a desire I have had for a long time!
But back home tomorrow and into the workshop after what feels like an age. I am very behind and want to make a head vase/planter with a crown of stag horns. Also some stools/tables for outside as well as other orders and dragons. So plenty to do. Oh and I have to finish painting the bedroom before family come to visit. Let’s hope the energy levels improve😁

Only three swallows have arrived so far and one had to be rescued from the kitchen window this morning. What beautiful birds they are, the intense blue a burnt red, close up is amazing

I never intended my Instagram feed to be full of cats but having had ten days of Covid then a week and a half delivering work, visiting family and starting to make again I get hit by another virus, so I am back to sitting with Bernard who is taking advantage of a still lap.

Covid companion, not feeling too bad now but I don’t have much energy, hopefully on the recovery slope. Bernard isn’t bothered but he seems to like having someone to keep him company😁

Heavy frost last night @cornwallgardensociety Show ground, this plant didn’t get hit too badly but the peace lily is very sad

Unpredictability of ceramics!! I thought this large head vase would come out green but it’s more a bronze effect. It will be on display at #cornwallgardensociety show this Saturday and Sunday

So far this year the magnolia has escaped the frosts of the last couple of years and looks beautiful and spring like.

#internationalwomensday to all today may you be strong, independent, and at peace

Years ago when I made tableware I made sunflower bowls. I only have these two left but thought I would share them to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Like many I feel helpless in the face of such mindless aggression and can only cling on to the hope that peace and love will prevail.

Started work on a couple of large head vases. Thankfully the muse has come back and I have ideas again. It is always scary when she leaves , yes I do think she is female, benevolent but also at times stern, and if I ignore the promptings she is quite happy to go and visit someone else!!
So here’s to a relaxed and productive 2022.
#ceramicsculpture #clay #pottery #headplanters #headvases #inspiration #peace #relax

Thank you for all my birthday wishes yesterday I had a lovely day playing with designs whilst the storm raged outside. We got off lightly being in the dip, and the hellebores are still dancing!

As well as decorating the bedroom I have been playing with some machine embroidery, I haven’t done this for a while and been wanting to do more. I did an online #stitchcamp2022 with @textileartsite and #gwenhedley
It was great fun and this is one of the results, not finished yet and not really what was set! It was good to start with something completely different, making marks, cutting them up and reassembling them. It was at this point I added the diving gannet as it reminded me of seeing them on Lundy Island last year. I will be back in the workshop next week with some ideas to try out but want to keep up the embroidery as well. I will keep you posted!

Boscastle it was grey and cold but I took my daughter and we had a lovely stroll, unfortunately the excellent exhibition about the flood in August 2004 has gone and the space has been taken over by the National Trust shop. The rock formations along the harbour are wonderful and the colour of the lichen and what looks like iron or copper deposits make amazing patterns so good inspiration
#boscasle #sea #inspiration #january

Landscape in all its natural glory and especially the magic of Cornwall is my constant inspiration.

My work is also inspired by stories, poetry, myths and legends from around the world. Additional influences include the faces of Modigliani, heads of Egyptian tombs, and Buddhist headdresses.

The sculptural heads and planters are designed to work in the natural environment to enhance any path, patio or garden space.

My work is exhibited at my studio, various galleries and art fairs around the UK. You are welcome to pop in at any time or look at my website and Facebook page to see my up and coming pieces.

I do commissions and bespoke personalised works of art for special occasions such as wedding gifts, birthdays or anniversaries.

My studio, The Potter’s Barn at Wenford Bridge Pottery near St Breward is open to visitors. Please phone or email before coming so we can be in to welcome you. There is also the wonderful Snail’s Pace Café opposite the pottery so you can have coffee, cakes or lunch and even hire a bike to cycle along the Camel trail. There is ample parking the Pottery.

For more, get in touch or view my available work.